Roger Imms

2020 Exhibition cancelled! For now...

After much thinking, advice from the Lung Foundation of Australia and my doctor I have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the exhibition. As you may know, I am in the highest-risk group for the Coronavirus, being a double-lung transplantee and it's just not worth the risk. We also feel a duty of care for everyone who is coming. At the last opening night here we had 70 people together in three rooms - not a good situation at this time. My sincere apologies to those who have been looking forward to it, as have I.

Interstate people who have booked flights and still intend to come, don't cancel; I will still hold the planned viewing for the small group as arranged.

People who have expressed serious interest in acquiring a painting please get in touch with me and I'll make sure that you are included in that small viewing, or have a private viewing.

Those who have already put a red dot on a painting; I'll be in touch soon, or feel free to contact me.

Ocean wave study
'Ocean wave study'
Oil on canvas ~ 37x77cm ~ $800
"I believe that a painting can go closest to capturing the feeling and experience of being there.This was a perfect day running from Tasman Peninsula to Maria Island in a beautiful south-easter. We ran at 6-7 knots all day."
From here to there
'From here to there'
Oil on canvas ~ 92x122cm ~ $2,500
In this work I have tried to capture the feeling of being on the sea's edge as you think about the future and your life.
Or maybe just soaking up the beauty...........

Online exhibition!

In early April I will be sending out a series of perhaps three newsletters sent concurrently, with the whole exhibition of paintings and a catalogue. A "hold" could be placed on a work and a private viewing at my studio arranged. Maybe I can get a video "walk-through" done. That's my thinking at this early - and slightly overwhelming - stage. If you'd like to receive my newsletter you can click here.

On a more positive note, in late summer I had a great field trip up the coast to Maria Island with the help of my two sailing buddies Colin and Pete. I also enjoyed five days aboard with my family which was lovely. I came back with yet more ideas and drawings for paintings of course.

Art collection

Here's a nice photo of two of my paintings hanging in this collector's home in Melbourne. At the top is 'Cape Pillar' one of my major works, oil on hessian on canvas, and below it to the right is 'Ocean wave study', oil on canvas.

NOTE There will be a medium-sized study for 'Cape Pillar' in the upcoming online exhibition.

I wish everybody good health at this worrying time.